roseofpain84 (roseofpain84) wrote in manhwa,

Looking for stuff....

Hello, over there, to whoever is looking at this community!

This Saturday I had gone in Japan Expo in France and in the young artists corner I found a korean doujin circle which their drawing seemed very familiar, and so I got the stuff they had XD

When I came back home and checked the link the things had on them, the site wasn't working anymore.So as I was talking to a friend of mine and said the  circle's name, after she checked around and freaked in the process,she told me that its LEE Young-You 's doujin circle.

So I was wondering if there is a place somewhere in this thing called web, that has things of her as a dj circle.

Of course I still haven't realized that I met her and that I missed
KIM Se-Young for one day (she was there on friday and I didn't know it)
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