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sale: model 1 - 3, german version 
02:47pm 26/11/2010
  hello, i'm selling the german version of model, manwha 1 - 3 in best quality, sale ends in 3 hours



Empty Earth: A Multifandom RPG 
08:37pm 09/05/2010

The world- every world- has ended, at least that's what the letter claims. Nobody has any way of knowing if this is true or not.

All they know is that one minute they were going about their lives, and the next they are in an office of the Empire State Building in New York with a letter in their hand instructing them to join "the network" and telling them to please feel free to contact the letter's author if they have any questions or requests.

Now they're stuck in an empty replica of Earth, with everything they could want provided for them. But can this really be called life?

Empty Earth

Hi, I'm new 
11:33pm 08/03/2010
  Hello everyone. Is this place still active? Even if not, I wanted to say hi. I'm new to manhwa. My husband reads it all the time. What always got my attention was the hot males (King of Hell and Rebirth) but it wasn't enough to get me to read any.

Then one day while looking for yaoi, I saw Boy Princess. I liked the plot and have been a selective manhwa reader ever since. Right now I'm reading Bride of the Water God, Sugarholic and Goong. I really would like to find another boy boy manhwa like Boy Princess. Any recs and does manhwa have fan fic based off it's stories? That would be great.
11:29pm 03/08/2009

$6 shipped/book
Pretear 1-4 Complete
Imadoki 1-5 Complete
Love Com 1-8,11,13
From Far Away 1,2,4,5,6,8,11-14
Pearl Pink 1-3
President Dad 1-5
Flock of Angels 2-3
Haruka 1-2,5
Love Attack 1-2
Palette of 12 Colors 3-4
Beauty Pop 10
Two Flowers for the Dragon 1
Nephilim 1
Short Sunzen 1
Neck and Neck 7
Gakuen Alice 1-2,4
Magical JxR vol 1
Teru Teru X Shonen Vol. 5

$8 shipped/book
Chocolat 1-5
Angel Diary 1-5
Sugarholic 1
Evyione 1
Bride of the Water God 1-2
Comic 3,6
A kiss for my prince 2
Forest of Gray City 2

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05:35pm 11/05/2009

Choose any (minimum) 3 books for $15 shipped

A kiss for my prince vol 2 (include colored poster $6)
Beauty Pop vol 1-3,5
Bow Wow Wata vol 1
Bride of the Water God 1-2 ($7/each, colored pgs included)
Comic by Ha SiHyun Vol 3, 6 ($6/each)
Flock of Angels vol 2-3 (complete)
Flower of the Deep Sleep 2 (complete)
Forget about love vol 1
Gakuen Alice 1-2,4
Girl Got Game 1-10 (Complete)
Hissing 4 ($6)
Love Master A vol 2 (complete)
Omukaedesu 1
Magical JxR vol 1
Me and My Brothers 1-4
Neck and Neck 3-4
Nousatsu Junkie vol 1
Pallete of 12 secret colors 3-4
Pearl Pink 1-4 (Complete)
President Dad 1-5
Red Angel vol 1
Rolling 1 (by the author of Chocolat and Very Very Sweet)
Seduction is better than love vol 1
Special A 1-3,6
Tag You're it vol 1
Two Flowers for the Dragon 1-2
Vision of the Other Side 1-2 (colored print included)
Wallflower vol 1
Wild Ones 2,6

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Name That Series! 
07:53pm 14/12/2008
  Large Image Under CutCollapse )

montivernage posted icons and an FO banner based on this image found on Moeboard.net. Anyone know what series it's from? It appears to be a manhwa. That's all I know.
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Looking for stuff.... 
05:16pm 09/07/2008
  Hello, over there, to whoever is looking at this community!

This Saturday I had gone in Japan Expo in France and in the young artists corner I found a korean doujin circle which their drawing seemed very familiar, and so I got the stuff they had XD

When I came back home and checked the link the things had on them, the site wasn't working anymore.So as I was talking to a friend of mine and said the  circle's name, after she checked around and freaked in the process,she told me that its LEE Young-You 's doujin circle.

So I was wondering if there is a place somewhere in this thing called web, that has things of her as a dj circle.

Of course I still haven't realized that I met her and that I missed
KIM Se-Young for one day (she was there on friday and I didn't know it)
Looking for translator 
05:12pm 13/06/2008

We are looking for korean to english translator for awesome manhwa The Summit (latest cgapters) and Pure (for scanlation purposes). If somebody interested feel free to contact me at fishik@yandex.ru.

First Post - Impressions of Girl Queen 
02:50pm 07/02/2008
  I hope this is okay...

Follow the fake cut to my post
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